Saturday, September 4, 2010

To my teacher's

The above quote in Sanskrit, few of here know it, some have heard it but many have never understood it.

Well my dear friends I start with the salutation to my teachers all here.

The meaning & the translation of the above Sanskrit quote - goes like this – “I bow to my teacher who has opened my eyes blinded by the darkness of ignorance, with enlightening rays of knowledge.”

The phrase defines the way we are in our current state as a student – blind..!, ignorant…! and a no where…!.

Well our guru – the teacher, plays a phenomenal role in transforming us & bringing us to light from the world of darkness where we are in today. They devise us to choose a right path in achieving our dreams and objectives.

They enlighten us with knowledge – knowledge is power. They sculpt us with a power to make us look beyond our expectation. They fuel us to run in pursuit of excellence. They strengthen us to fight all odds in our life, which is tuff and yet to come.

The saga of Eklavya epitomizes the loyalty and respect to the teacher in Indian culture, well today my guru…! , my teacher…! We cannot render you guru dakshina for all that you have given us. But we render our loving heart and say aloud.

"Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha
Guru Saakshat Para Brahma
Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha"

Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru. (Tell loudly)

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gen 'Y' - In pursuit of 'DREAMS'

“Excellence is a journey and not a destination.”

We are on a ravishing tour in search of success. Every one speeds up to reach a mark to win over DREAMS. But does dream reach you! Well that’s the big and the most smallest question found very difficult to answer.

Gen 'Y' is in pursuit of Excellence, pursuit of success, I indicate in a pursuit of ‘Dreams’. Gen ‘Y’ posses the desired skills, defined mindset and passion to accomplish their dreams. Gen ‘Y’ scores more with an edge with Gen

‘X’ with their attitude and a die hard motive in reaching their milestone.

The baby boomers or rather the silent generation once were in tact with the dialogues as in old Hindi cinemas.

The very common dialogues like “ladki ke peche aur paise ke peche aur train ke peche kabhi nahi bhagna”. (Never run behind girl, train & money)

Yooooo! To Gen ‘Y’;

Which obeys the statement as in the latest movie ‘WANTED’ starer Salman Khan & Ayesha Takia, where Salman convinces his friend telling “Tu ladki ke peche bhagega, Ladki paise leke bhagegi, Tum paise ke piche bhagega tou ladki tere piche hi bhagegi. “ (When u run behind girl then girl picks money and run behind it. Well you run behind money and she will run behind you)

In pursuit of dreams or in pursit of money, probably highly debatable the topic is but unpalatably difficult to conclude.

Each & every dreams are of many kind & stature but only can be consummate with the one & only factor “M”.

Example: A person dreaming of making it for a world tour, his dream can’t be achieved unless he has saved or made some buks or got wealth from his ancestors. With out factor “M” he won’t be able to consummate his dream of world tour. I doubt how many agree on this.

I seem that Gen ‘Y’ is running behind money to make their dreams come true.

To make it precise they are too eager to make early & quick money to reach their dreams.

“Tum apne sapno ke piche bhagega tou sapne paisa leke bhagege, tum paise ke piche bhagega tou sapne tere piche bhagega”

“U run behind dreams, dreams take money and run, so you run behind money and dreams will run behind you.”

Dreams are like girls (Women) very fragile, sensitive and difficult to achieve hence need some catalyst to get them into a cobweb well that’s Factor ‘M’; I call it money man, money.

Almost certainly Gen ‘Y’ is very clear of their move towards making money and then acquainting their dreams. Well dreams need money to board it.

I definitely agree most of them may not agree but to the fact it’s very true and the reality happening in our life.

Gen ‘Y’ is with the slogan – “KARLO DUNIYA CHUTKI MEIN” (Have world in your pinch)

Come my dear friends “Karle duniya chutki mein”

Let’s go!

Look forward for your prompt comments on the same.

My Salute to Gen ‘Y’

Thursday, September 24, 2009

‘ME’ – The Recession

‘ME’ – The Recession

Recession is my name

Being hit these days with a FAME

Infamy I am! That’s what I PROCLAIM

Became a celebrity much acclaimed

With a dynamic position in news and MAG!

In Business, often misused with the AIM

The aim is fatal, well I am to BLAME

Recession is my name

Others use it as a GAME!

To reduce the wages with no SHAME,

Sincerely I am not to be blamed

I act as chauffeur to drive the labour to the GATE

With profits multiplying in WEIGHT

Markets make many poor await
Inflation is soaring in HEIGHT

Government is shocked with the performance RATE

I am the one to HATE

I curse my FATE

Recession is on BAIT….!

Raining Bangalore

Woow! Its my love to Bangalore and will last for ever and ever. But these days Bangalore is not just Bangalore but instead a drenched Bangalore.

You should be amased that I am happy writing this absolutely not rather very angry here. Why......................................? because I wanna go home but I CANT.... I am pulled back on my OFFICE DESK to write this till the rain stoP.

Hey drenched Bangalore please stop raining I wanna goo home.

Well I would have been a kid made a paper boat and sit in front of the office gate and SAIL THESE BOAT IN THIS HEAVY RAIN WATER FLOWING DOWN THE LANE.

Wooow will it not be a great. yes it is but I cant do it man..






Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NEWS:Times of India 1 June 2009

My name is wrong spelt.... As Sujanth, which should have been Shujath!
Even he has written some thing right and wrong about my Costume. well no problem..... Fine accepted.