Thursday, September 24, 2009

‘ME’ – The Recession

‘ME’ – The Recession

Recession is my name

Being hit these days with a FAME

Infamy I am! That’s what I PROCLAIM

Became a celebrity much acclaimed

With a dynamic position in news and MAG!

In Business, often misused with the AIM

The aim is fatal, well I am to BLAME

Recession is my name

Others use it as a GAME!

To reduce the wages with no SHAME,

Sincerely I am not to be blamed

I act as chauffeur to drive the labour to the GATE

With profits multiplying in WEIGHT

Markets make many poor await
Inflation is soaring in HEIGHT

Government is shocked with the performance RATE

I am the one to HATE

I curse my FATE

Recession is on BAIT….!


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